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Hip Protection Garment

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Hip Protection Garment

The Problem

One in three people over the age of 65 falls every year, and many do not recover. Hip fractures are associated with a significantly increased risk of mortality and are estimated to cost upwards of $22,000 per patient in the first year after a fall.

The Solution

ActiveProtective and Smithwise collaborated to create a novel inflatable hip-protection garment that prevents fractures in elderly patients. ActiveProtective’s fall prediction technology continuously monitors a user’s movement and deploys cushions around at-risk areas of the femur when it predicts a fall. The working prototype is small, lightweight, offers a style that appeals to both men and women, and can be worn outside of their clothing.

ActiveProtective was founded by Dr. Robert Buckman, a former Lieutenant Colonel combat surgeon, who identified the tremendous need for hip fracture protection in becoming the head of trauma for two Philadelphia-based hospitals.

He experienced the enormous fall-related crisis facing emergency centers and wanted to find a solution for protecting patients.

Smithwise is partnered with ActiveProtective to engineer working prototypes, the latest of which puts protective cushions in place in milliseconds.

“This technology has the potential to prevent the previously unpreventable.” –Drew Lakatos, CEO and founder of ActiveProtective

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